Mike is an accomplished UI/UX engineer and design system leader with 8+ years of frontend engineering expertise complemented by an impressive 12+ year journey in design. His comprehensive experience spans the creation of innovative web and native applications, engaging marketing websites, as well as key feature developments for extensive enterprise application suites. Mike's dual proficiency in both engineering and design positions him uniquely to deliver solutions that are not only efficient and technically sound but also aesthetically compelling.

.Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer

Extend • Aug 2021 – Dec 2023

  • Greatly enhanced the scalability of the frontend codebase by building and maintaining an extensive and robust React component library with a companion Figma design system further documented with JSDocs and Storybook
  • Became a trusted GitHub code reviewer for pull requests related to building new UI components or augmenting existing ones
  • Increased engineering productivity and worked toward guaranteeing non-breaking changes by leveraging TypeScript and Cypress component testing
  • Created a library of React hooks and utilities to make the translation of common design patterns to code more seamless and efficient
  • Served as engineering “ambassador” to the product design team, with practical frontend engineering knowledge and experience, guiding them to form design requirements in harmony with modern UI standards and well-established internal development practices
  • Mentored product designers toward a system-first design methodology, increasing UI design quality and consistency
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Frontend Engineer

Terratory • Aug 2023 – Present (part-time)

  • Worked with the engineering and design team to build a layout and core component framework in Elixir and develop the Phoenix LiveView frontend for a progressive web app meant to mimic native mobile UI patterns
  • Worked closely with the lead product designer to establish a highly flexible design system, simplifying the translation of rapidly evolving design requirements into efficient frontend code throughout early ideation phases

Senior UX Designer

ACS Technologies • Apr 2018 – Aug 2021

  • Served as primary UX designer for three feature teams, evolving a suite of applications that enabled users to handle accounting, human resources, online giving management, and community involvement
  • Supplemented Sketch prototyping with React apps for even more comprehensive demoing and testing of complex design concepts
  • Implemented a cyclical UX design process that guided roadmapped features collaboratively through ideation, prototyping, and testing
  • Worked with UX design focus groups to cultivate a holistic understanding of the product ecosystem that evaluated the impact of each solution on all other user touch points
  • Provided design direction that aligned with business objectives, instilled confidence in stakeholders, and increased user satisfaction

Lead Interactive Designer/Developer

Your Creative People • Jan 2011 – Apr 2018

  • Raised the bar for the aesthetic and functional excellence of web design projects, earning high regard from clients
  • Worked to thoroughly understand each client's brand and audience in order to create bespoke UI frameworks that would resonate with the intended users
  • Supervised several designers and helped ensure their work upheld our standards of excellence before going to the Creative Director for approval
  • Implemented and carried out strict technical standards for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript prioritizing code efficiency and quality
  • Helped firmly position YCP as a local leader for effective online solutions

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